This page is dedicated to some extremely talented and creative people, most of whom we've had the honor to meet.
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Artist Friends:

Greg, Jean, and Alien

My good friends from NJ. See my visit & Trib

James Gurney, Great Dino Artist

David's Favorite Artist, of Dinotopia.

Arne Starr

A famous comic artist & actor

Greg Hildebrandt
Jean Scrocco

James Gurney

Arne Starr

Celebrity Tributes:

Anne Lockhart Another Special Star Quest Friend! Helen Slater A Super Acctress Fantastic actor! His
World & Welcome to it!
Anne Lockhart Helen Slater William Windom

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More Celebrity Tributes:

Linda Hamilton

Sue's Favorite

Wierd Al Yankovich

Funny, Strange!
Fantastic actress!
Linda Hamilton Wierd Al Yankovich Amy Irving

Star Trek Tributes:

Met at Star Tours at Great America

Met at Star Tours also, in 1992

A very friendly Klingon!
Fantastic actor! Very nice, and likes fans!
George Takei Nichelle Nichols Robert O'Reilly Armin Shimerman

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