the Cross Country Adventures of BUNNTRK

We took various pictures of our wandering BunnTruck as it made it's way across the US on I-40, and the famous Route 66. It was a wild ride ... ergo, only a few pics. Hope you enjoy the ride.

BunnTrk's 1st stop was on I-5 at the Harris Ranch. A very nice place to stop for food and souvenier shopping.

Just before heading into the CA desert is the town of Barstow.

After spending the night in Kingman AZ we stopped at Mr. D'z which is on the old Rt 66. A fun little restauraut full of 50's nostalgia.

Meteor City on Rt 66 was just past Winslow AZ. It had all kinds of things for sale from rocks, to indian jewelry.

In Albuquerque NM we stopped at Petroglyphs National Monument. On the west side of the Rio Grande, it is quickly being surrounded by houses. But for now there remains a mystery and quite solitude of an ancient people and time.

We stopped at the Roadkill Cafe in Seligman, AZ along the old Rt66. A nice place to get gas.

It was nightime when we stopped, but we got this picture of Sue on either side of the Continental Divide.

We swung by Vega TX and got a shot of this old gas station no longer in service.

The Conoco Tower in Shamrock TX was a nice place to visit. Too bad it was closed, but it was great getting this shot of the truck at a fully restored and operating Route 66 Station!

 We made it through a very windy Oklahoma, and Arkansas with no problems, and then in Jackson TN one of the tent trailer wheels blew out. Fortunetly we were just down the road from Camping World who fixed us up with 3 new tires, told us where to eat!

Our next stop was the little town of Bunn, NC. Just off I-40 we had to see it! A town with our trucks name. Very small, but friendly folks. A real pleasurable visit.

The trucks final stop was at St. Simmons Island in GA, where you can see the Atlantic Ocean in the behind. It made it from sea to shining sea!!!

So here we say our farewell for to our adventures Bunn Truck at the St. Simmons Lighthouse in GA. Until our next adventure keep running strong little truck!

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