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the Journal of Matthew Bunn

Matthew Bunn lived during the Revolutionary War, was captured by indians, escaped, and wrote down his story as a journal. He was not an "author", but told his story factually of his experiences.

the Stage by Alfred Bunn

Alfred Bunn lived during the 1840s, and was the theatre manager of Drury Lane Theatre, in London. In this set of books he gave a full account of his managerial experiences.

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Jacob Bunn: Legacy

This book is a biography of a 19th century man who left New Jersey ("Bunn Valley" near Alexandria in Hunterdon County, to be precise) for the greener fields of the frontier, Illinois.
As my line came from Woodbridge, N.J. before the Revelutionary War it is possible our families were related in the late 1700's.

T. Davis Bunn

We have a famous author in the family. Originally from N.C., he now lives in England. Looks like fun reading. My Mother-in-Law loves them, and can't get enough. Here is a link to his works, and biography. Fantastic Fiction

Scientific Principles of Coaching

by John W. Bunn

A very famous coach for Stanford Basketball, an award is presented in his name at the Basketball Hall of Fame every year.

Truck Books by Don Bunn

Enjoyable reading for you truck lovers out there.

A Trial of Witches

by Gilbert Geis & Ivan Bunn

An insightful analysis of the 16th & 17th century trials of "witches". Ivan is listed as a local historian of Lowestoft.

Circus Boy

by Harriet F. Bunn

Written in 1936, this is a fun kids book about a boy who gets a job with a circus.

Smiler Bunn Gentleman Crook

by Bertram Atkey

A series of books written in the 1940's about a detective named Smiler Bunn. Fun books, and very rare. This was purchased in England.



by James and Deborah Howe

A vampire Bunny story! Fun reading for the kids. I think someone made it into a play as well.


Jimmy Bunn Stories

by Henry C. Walker

Bunny stories! More fun reading for the kids.


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