BUNN Things From Springfield Illinois

The Bunn Park Golf Course

My Dad would have loved this! An actual golf course named Bunn in Springfield, Ill. It has an 18 and 9 hole course, a pro shop, and PGA pro staff to help. How fun!

The Bunn-O-Matic

Unbelievably there are different products out there with the name "BUNN". So as I find them on the web, I'll post them on this page.

The 1st You guessed it.........>>>


Delong "Bunn Special"

"Bunn Special" Railroad pocket watches, especialy made for that business, and made in Springfield, Illinois. Starting on eBay for around $300

"Bunn Special" Watch Fob

For your "Bunn Special" Railroad pocket watches. I believe it is used as an attachment to the pocket watch, to hang outside your pocket. Made in Springfield, Illinois. Yours on eBay for about $10

Bunn String Tying Machine

This B. H. Bunn Company machine (originally from Springfield but now located in Florida) is used to proffessionally tie packages in mail rooms. The Bunn Tying Machine was invented by Benjamin H. Bunn in 1907, and is owned and operated by John R. Bunn : President. What an amazing invention!

(Thank you John Bunn for your info.)

Bunn Die-Cast Truck #1

This toy is of a semi-truck for the Bunn Capitol Co. & Capitol City Paper Co./ Food Service & paper distribution co.

Bunn Capitol Co.
1212 Stevenson Drive Frnt
Springfield, IL 62703
(217) 529-5401 1-800-252-9800

Bunn Family Gourmet

gourmet meats
gourmet candies & nuts
gourmet coffee
gourmet desserts
Other Specialties
1212 Stevenson Dr.
Springfield, IL 62703



Camp Bunn BSA

Here's some things from a Boy Scout Camp named Bunn.Follow this link for more info.

Camp Bunn


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