/TD> Okay, here it is! Some of you have been after me to set up a page on Bunn jokes. Over the years I've heard a lot of permutations of my surname with reference to bread or anatomy. As a kid my Mom used to call me "honey" Bunn. Well, here's some of the best I've heard....

Atilla the Bun!!!

Funny Bunn Names

Ever remember "sticks & stones......but names will never hurt me?
Well, just to be sure what we named our kids wouldn't, here's the list:
  • Harry Bunn
  • Fanny Bunn
  • Burger Bunn
  • Moon Beam Bunn
  • Burny Bunn
  • Pat Bunn
  • Bugsy Bunn
  • Hot Dog Bunn
  • Jack N. Bx. Bunn
  • Honey Bunn
  • Hot Cross Bunn
  • Cinamon Bunn
  • Candice Bunn
  • Frank N. Bunn

Bunn Business Sloguns

On the Bunn-o-matics page...
"We really move our Bunn's for you!"

On the ficticious side;

Bunn Insurance; We cover your assets!

Bunn Pasteries; Always sweet, but sometimes hot & cross.

Bunn Furniture; You're seating experts.

Bunn Pet Salon; We trim your Hares.

Funny Bunn Stories

On the phone I was mentioning to a friend there's
always been a limited number of Bunn's around.
His reply was "Really, I always thought everyone
had at least two."

If YOU have some please send them in....

Dave Bunn from England writes....

My aunt wanted to call my sister 'Honey', but she ended up as a Sandra. My dad is Richard (therefore Dick, or Dicky, which leads on to Sticky) and my mum is known as Bing (which is short for Bingham, her maiden name, even though her name is actually Margaret), Bing Bunn sounds like a doorbell! My daughter is called Kerry (which is similar to Cherry), and my wife is Dawn (dawn bun = croissant!!)

The origin of our branch of the family is that Bunn is a corruption of
the Viking word for Bosun. (we were not only hooligan invaders, but
important hooligan invaders!!) *[Shades of Atilla the Bunn]

Thanks for writing in Dave!!! Dave's E-mail is dave@bunn64.freeserve.co.uk


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