Welcome to the Bunn Heritage page! The name Bunn has been around for about 1000 years. It probably came from France as a derivation of Good or 'Bon'.
Somewhere around the time of the third crusade a distant relative did something to earn a crest. I converted the text of Lighting Ancestral Lamps by William Benton Bunn to html, which you can find at this link. Also I found the online version of History of the Bunn Family by French.

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The first Bunn in our line came to the colonies in 1650. His name was Matthew and he was a sea captain. He wed Hester Miles in Salem, 1651, and moved to Boston in 1653.


Moved from Penn. to Ohio in a covered wagon, 1806. Then to Olney, Illinois, 1751, with whole family. Pioneer-Blacksmith

Hyatt 1 - Betsy

Bens' first born in Illinois. Raised on farm to frontier life. Wed Betsy Hazard, 1st cousin to Cmdr. Perrys.

Hyatt IV - Ruth

Dad was born in Olney, and raised in Bloomington. Moved to Calif. at end of WWII. Wed Ruth Quatkemeier 1952.

Spinning Cross

The cross cresents Used in 3rd crusade: symbol of victory.

The Bunn Crest

Ostrich head means fast. Palm branch for crusader.Click the icon to read more about it.



Our family has always had a love for travel.



Special thanks go to Joe and Louise Bunn, from Olney who enriched our lives with a book about where we came from, and welcomed us into the fold.
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