Bunn Family History

With the advent of PC's, the internet, and Ancestry.com we have discovered quite a few more facts about our family history in 2016. In 1982 just before our daughter Hester was born we wanted to know about our heritage in finding the right name for her, so we bought a book about Bunn's that had some addresses of Bunn families in America. I knew my father had been born in the little town of Olney, IL, so I wrote to a few families located there and discovered a cousin named Joe Bunn. He sent a copy of his uncle William B. Bunn's book which opened up the rich heritage we never knew we had, as early settlers of America, and pioneers.

Before William started his book he drew from another source, one that took three generations of research and I never saw until yesterday, 9-15-16. It was the lost book of Charles French, who was married to a Bunn, and devoted to the research of the Bunn family. It is now online through the University of Wisconsin and can be seen following this link History of the Bunn family of America.

I converted William Benton Bunn's book to webpages, and a PDF file. You can get to it from here, Lighting Ancestral Lamps.

My wife, Sue, has been very curious about her heritage ever since she found out she was adopted, and found her lost brother Joe, & sister Mary, and that she was related to Pocahontas. That had been a story they told her, but did not know for sure until she used ancestry.com and the DNA test to confirm it.

So she convinced me to do the DNA test as well. No great revelations on my side, but a confirmation of all the research the others had already achieved. You can see those results at my Ancestry.com page. If you are not a member of Ancestry, here are two links to the Bunn Family tree, page 1, and page 2.

To see my direct line through time go to the Generations pages.

To see the Bunn Family Coat-of-Arms go to the Crest page.

To see some arrowheads from an old fort in Pennsylvania go to the Weapons page.

If you have anything to add, please contact me at my e-mail smbunn54@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your interest!