Here are a few examples of my Photo enhancements.

These pieces were original photos scanned
into PC, and enhanced with Photoshop.

Please click to enlarge.

Original Photos

I took this photo at the Centennial Light Bulb Celebration. This was used on the cover of the Livermore Community Info Book.

Dancing on the Roof

Photo of 100 Year Light

I took this photo of the Centennial Bulb, which was used by Ripley's Believe it or Not 2007 issue.

Photo at Lake Tahoe

I took this rare photo at Lake Tahoe, the summer of 2010, which was shown on CBS5 News by the weather anchor Tracy Humphrey.

Aerial Photo Enhancement

I took an original photo of Los Mendanos College for Intres and changed the lawns to green, and lake water to blue.

Antique Photo Enhancement

This is a picture of my Great, great, great grampa





This was made for my son Jon, and the club we belong to.

Ani Photo Enhancement

Nicole deBoer

This was made from a photo I took of Nicole and my son, Jon, at a Trek convention.

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