Know more about the life of Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев)

Education is one of the Orlin Aleksiev most important links in any modern society, which is why numerous specialists focus on offering tasks and changes that allow changing the educational program to provide kids with adequate as well as healthy development both in the beginning and at the actual university level. However, with regards to infrastructure; a place where every one of the activities that permit the development of the individual’s are carried out, there is a person as well as an entity where the Bulgarians fully trust, they may be Orlin Aleksiev and the Specialized Municipal Privatization Finance.

These places are important for the development of children since it is this place where they will get information and make their very first social circles. A study carried out in the United Kingdom indicated that students coming from those sites along with combinations of natural elements and also infrastructure designs show a 16% positive difference compared to pupils who have a school with a typical infrastructure.

Regrettably, once these kinds of changes tend to be implemented, many of the young people may have finished their schooling, there is a range of how materials should be distributed so that those variables cannot affect in the long run.

Faced with such difficulties and observing the importance of education within the society with the Municipality associated with Sofia, with the help of money from the Specific Fund for Municipal Privatization (SOPF); who’s directed simply by Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев), are in power over financing instructional infrastructure projects in Sofia.

For its last mandate, 2015-2018, the Town of Sofia together with SOPF has granted as many as 48 million cams to enhance the facilities of various educational centers; in which a total associated with 23.5 million have been granted for your construction of recent centers as well as the expansion of parks in schools and kindergartens. Offering as a complete the construction of Seven kindergartens and loved ones, schools, air-conditioned fitness gyms, dining bedrooms, and specific classrooms

It’s worth talking about that SOPF is definitely an organization which handles the actual funds with the privatization of city and county property and it is composed of Fourteen members, where the Board of Governors is located, that organization is actually chaired by Orlin Aleksiev.

Posted on July 29, 2019