Help to improve the Municipality of Sofia, is the first objective of SOPF (СОПФ).

The region of Orlin Aleksiev engineering, this year may be of great importance for your Municipality of Sofia, and through the particular Specialized Finance for Municipal Privatization (SOPF), has already allotted for the digital government Nine,200,Thousand BGN and 800,000 BGN with regard to improvement actions and purchases specialized components, software, as well as equipment.

This kind of fund comprises of Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) as leader, and by any Municipal Local authority or council chaired by 18 people, and was created with the goal of accumulating funds from the sale of municipal assets to allocate funds to plans and jobs that help progression of the Municipality of Sofia, confirmed by the towns Sofía, Novi Iskar, Bankya, Buhovo and Thirty-four villages.

For that area of wellness, Orlin Aleksiev provided info, which implies that funds have been allocated regarding repairs to hospitals as well as the purchase of mattresses and equipment that are needed for active remedies. The financing by SOPF (????) is necessary to be able to carry out all the projects that contribute in a positive approach solutions for your clinics and also hospitals. Health-related institutions along with public and private engagement in Sofia require a good team to achieve a satisfactory and contemporary treatment, discussed Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев).

To increase the security of residents in the capital, video security was carried out in schools, parks and concrete areas in Sofia. BGN 5,076,752 had been allocated because of this project and also includes a sealed circuit in excess of 220 kindergartens as well as schools, and then for more than 130 municipally owned frequent areas including pedestrian areas, underpasses, public backyards, cemeteries, and entry ways. Departures from the capital

Regarding college repairs, SOPF provides allocated greater than 2 million webcams for the fix of kindergartens and schools. Some other relevant jobs in the area of transportation, ecology, lifestyle, sports, supervision, and youngsters activities may also be financed since these funds must be used especially for an investment and performance of tasks that give rise to improving the picture of the Municipality of Sofia and foster an atmosphere full of serenity.

Posted on July 29, 2019