Black Paper Art

Think if you can of the mysteries of the night. Every movement, every shadow, the slightest noise, all prick at our deepest primal senses. These experiences down through times past until today, put all of us on the same plane. No amount of money, power, or strength can separate us from who we are inside. From all of our encounters or stories, real, imagined, or spun, we come away relieved it was only a "Ghost Story".

But for all the dread, to others who can look into the dark with a sense of familiarity, it can bring a sense of wonder, warmth, and faith. Please join these artists on this page who are not afraid to take the step to add light to the blank pages below, and share in their art of retelling of old tales and new.


Greg Hildebrandt

A few years ago as I was collecting some art from Greg & Tim Hildebrandt I came across some cards Greg had done for the Spiderman card set that were atypical of his normal media. He stepped into black paper art. He has done a number since then, and the style and control of all these pieces are awesome. Most of these were of his Pinup art. Please follow that link below to see these pieces.

Also, for fun, I did some searches for other artists use of this same media and have made this page to bring you this page.


Spidey '97 Cards

Wizard Visit


Captain America



Joe DeVito


About 5 years ago I was scanning the web for art and discovered the wonderful art of Joe DeVito. A poster that is extremely hard to find is of Supergirl flying skyward through an explossion. My favorite.

Then last year I found Joe had a new website, and was able to commission him to do the same piece, only this time as white pencil on dark paper. Now this is my favorite! You can be the judge of it.

And Please visit Joe's site at


Francisco Sole'

Jungle Book

The Color Pencil Challenge

Here are a few examples I found wonderful. Please follow the link above to see all the contributions, or the links below to see my favorites.

Invitation: T. Meadows

Tiger: P. Harmon

George Benson: B. Ebdon

Drawing I

Here is a page from Cuyahoga Community College of Cleveland, OH that has a class sylibus online, one of which is a Value Study using white pencil on B.P.

My Doodles

Okay, so I got inspired too. Here are some of my doodles from my PC starting with a black background, and white airbrush tool in Photoshop.


Pan & Tinker Bell


Jungle Book

Universal Monsters





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